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Korea: IUC – ICEC Joint Workshop in Gwangju

Nearly 40 experts from Korean and other Asian cities participated in the second climate action workshop organised by the IUC Asia Project in cooperation with the ICEC in Gwangju on 5th and 6th November 2019. Whereas module 1 (2018) and 2 (2019) focused on mitigation (GHG BEI, target setting, etc.) and adaptation (RVAs, Green Infrastructure, NBS, etc.), this module focused on aligning the existing Korean climate action plans to the Common Reporting Framework (CRF) issued by the GCoM Secretariat mid-2019 and made available in Korean language by the IUC Asia programme. The event was hosted by the ICEC within its international climate change agenda. The agenda was two-folded:

  • Day 1 of the event provided the chance for Korean cities to interact with cities from other Asian countries involved in GCoM / IUC activities in order to share their policies and best practices in the various climate action fields (both mitigation and adaptation). This showed Korean participants the added value of international cooperation within the GCoM initiative and showcased European best practices in the field of climate action. Presentations included cities from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Korea.
  • Day 2 targeted 20 experts from Korean cities and relevant provincial & national institutions that have mostly participated in the previous trainings. It dealt with the necessary data on mitigation, adaptation and access to energy for climate action plans to be compliant with the GCoM CRF. On mitigation, it includes GHG accounting principles, emission sources, activity data and emission factors, target setting. On adaptation, it includes Risk and Vulnerability Assessment elements like climate hazards, adaptive capacity and major climate hazards occurred in the past years. On access to energy, the module dealt with energy access plan and monitoring measures.

The workshop participants were also able to visit the BIXPO 2019, one of Korea’s main exhibitions for energy transition and digital transformation.

The event included the participation of Dong-chan Kim, Chairman of Gwangju Metropolitan City Council, as well as Won-tae Yun, President of ICEC.

Discussions also focused on the GHG reduction strategies in Chungcheongnam-do, Gangwon-do and Jeollanam-do Provinces, as well as in Gwangju and Daejeon Metropolitan Cities.

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