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IUC Asia/GCoM Southeast Asia Strengthens Palembang Capacity in Conducting Vulnerability & Risk Analysis

International Urban Cooperation (IUC) Asia and Global Covenant of Mayor (GCoM) cooperate with the Government of Indonesia in developing cities Climate Action Plan (CAPs), according to the GCoM Common Reporting Framework, delivering actions consistent with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

As part of the initiative, Palembang has been committed to develop a CAP that that demonstrates how the city will deliver on its commitment to address climate change, by reducing GHGs emissions, adapting to the impacts of climate change and delivering wider social, environmental, and economic benefits.

IUC Asia Helpdesk/GCoM Southeast Asia Secretari at, supported by CCROM as technical partner, organised a capacity building activity on vulnerability and risk analysis to strengthen the capacity of Palembang city officials in developing a suitable CAP on 4-6 December 2019, involving approximately 20 city officials representing various agencies comprised of Development Planning, Environment, Agriculture, Public Works, etc. The capacity building activity aimed to share the knowledge to assess urban disaster risk and vulnerability related to climate-related disaster, climate change and climate variability; and to utilize decision support tools for reducing climate-related disaster risks.

Following this capacity building event, participants were expected to have the capacity to establish linkage between impact of climate change and climate-related disaster risk; effectively articulate their best practice in data collection for vulnerability & risk assessment; and plan for climate change adaptation using climate information to develop Climate Action Plan (CAP).


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