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GCoM Strengthens Denpasar Capacity in Dealing with Climate Change

The mission of GCoM is to serve cities and local governments by mobilising and supporting climate and energy action in their communities by working with city/regional networks, national governments, and other partners. In Southeast Asia, its Regional Secretariat/IUC Asia HelpDesk (the HelpDesk) works together with thirteen pilot cities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, in developing their Climate Action Plans (CAPs) to create resilient and low-emission society in response to the climate change and energy issues.

The HelpDesk has just accomplished strengthening the capacity of staff from Denpasar, one of the pilot cities, in developing a Green House Gas (GHG) Inventory and conducting climate risk and vulnerability assessment as part of the HelpDesk approach to pilot cities in developing their Climate Action Plans.
The HelpDesk and its technical partner from the Centre for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management (CCROM), organised a mission to Denpasar with the aim of building the capacity of the local government in GHG inventory and climate risk vulnerability assessment on 9-12 February 2020.

The CCROM provided the steps to improve the quality of Denpasar’s CAP. The participants also gained the knowledge on climate risk and vulnerability with a focus on the identification of supporting data and information, enabling them to develop such assessment with the correct approach the HelpDesk and its technical partner provided. In addition, CCROM introduced SIGN SMART, the national platform for GHG inventory and the Vulnerability Index Data and Information System (SIDIK), the data information system developed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry that provides data on vulnerability assessment based on the exposure to climate-related risks.

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