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Makassar Aims to Improve Its GHG Inventory

As a part of IUC pilot cities in Indonesia, Makassar city organized a workshop on GHG inventory on 4-5 March 2020. The workshop aimed to strengthen the capacity building to city officers in developing GHG inventory. IUC Asia’s technical partner, Centre for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management (CCROM) delivered the knowledge session. Approximately 50 representatives from the Makasar city administration’s agencies participated in the event.

During the workshop, CCROM produced a list of required GHG activity data, and the possible sources of data gathered. The alternative of GHG activity data was also identified in case the primary data would not be available. With this approach, the participants gained the knowledge of selecting the GHG activity data required from their institutions.

Developing GHG inventories can help local entities understand ongoing activities and major sources of emissions; identify areas to focus activities; establish and measure progress toward goals; refine or improve existing projects; or facilitate decision-making about future policies or goals.


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