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City Story – “Plastic-Free Palembang” Initiative Set to Minimise Plastic Waste

The City Administration of Palembang started 2020 with a new regulation signed by the Mayor, Harnojoyo, to minimize plastic waste. Following the new regulation, all the city staff must minimize the use of plastic in their activities including using reusable cups for water, using e-backdrop instead of printing one with vinyl material, etc. The City Secretary, Ratu Dewa, stated that there was a global concern about plastic. “We will implement the regulation for our own good. Later on, the implementation will not be limited only to the city staff but also to the government levels below the city,” he added. The people of Palembang are expected to replicate this initiative at their homes.

The Office of Environment and Cleanliness of Palembang manages 1,500 tons of garbage daily, most of which are industrial and household plastic waste, coming from the government office buildings as well.

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