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Indonesia: IUC Asia and Makassar Virtual Meeting on Progress of Required Data Collection

To follow up the Climate Action Plan (CAP) development , Makassar and  IUC Asia met online on Thursday  21 May 2020 to discuss on the progress of the project. The interactive session focussed on the data collection can be used for Green House Gases (GHG) inventory report and Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA). Also attended in the meeting, CCROM as IUC’s technical partner  and representative from local university.

In 2018 Mayoral Election of Makassar, the single candidate lost the vote to an empty ballot, forcing the election to be repeated in December 2020. An expectation has been coming from city high level that upcoming CAP should be integrated into the next period of Regional Medium-Term Development (RPJMD).  CCROM underlined the importance of GHG inventory report and CRVA in order to prepare an evidenced based CAP.

The city government expressed the will to compile the required data. However they shared the challenge to gather GHG activity data from third parties and sought advice to address the issue.  The third parties included electricity state company and oil & natural gas mining company which able to generate  electricity consumption data and fossil fuel consumption data, respectively. Down scaling data from national to regional level was the most practicable approach to fill the data gap, recommended by CCROM. The other option was to estimate the electricity consumption based on the available data in another city with the same population size.

As a next step, the time frame of CAP development should be updated to reflect the current situation.  Also, all parties have reached an agreement to schedule virtual capacity building workshop on CVRA in 11 June 2020

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