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Vietnam: Bilateral Meeting for GCoM Asia Project Implementation in Vietnam

The Bilateral Meeting for GCoM Asia Project Implementation in Vietnam took place between 14.00–15.30 PM (GMT+7) on 8 October 2021. Dr. Rui Ludovino (First Counsellor of Climate Action, Environment, Employment, and Social Policies of the European Union Delegation to Vietnam) and Dr. Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi (Secretary-General  of the United Cities and Local Government Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) and the GCoM Southeast Asia Secretariat) were present at the event to give opening remarks.

The GCoM Asia Project Plan between 2021-2023 was shared with participants from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE), Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN), and the Institute for Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE, under the MoNRE). The meeting discussed the selection of 25 Vietnamese cities for benefiting trainings on Mitigation and Adaptation. Four pilot cities of Vietnam, namely Nam Dinh City, Hue City, Cao Lanh City, and Ben Tre City, are to prepare their local Climate Action Plans (CAPs) with the technical support of international and domestic expertise, particularly the technical assistance of the ISPONRE with the Technical Proposal presented at the meeting.

Agreement was given upon the recommended list of cities for joining the GCoM network and pilot CAPs; the Project Work Plan, the Project Technical Approaches and the roles of stakeholders wee also agreed. Above all, the strong city leadership and commitment with the networking role of ACVN with its members are the keys to the project ambitious targets of more signatory cities  from Vietnam and the improved capacity of climate actions for Vietnamese cities.

“Climate change is a global crisis and we should work together to find a solution. 2021 is a crucial year for implementing the global climate agenda and secure ambitious mid and long-term national commitments by all Parties as COP26 approaches. The EU is fully committed and is taking all the steps to ensure is doing its part. We are keen on working with all partners, developed and developing countries to share best practices and support mitigation and adaptation actions all over the word. The EU and its Member States are the largest contributor of public climate finance to developing countries. Continuing from the successful IUC Asia Project, the EU extends now its support through the implementation of the GCoM in Asia Project. The EU encourages the leadership role of Vietnam’s city governments in planning for climate actions, with technical assistance from domestic and international expertise, stakeholders, and the supportive contribution from the central government.”

Dr. Rui Ludovino – First Counsellor of Climate Action, Environment, Employment, and Social Policies, European Union Delegation (EUD) to Vietnam


“Local government and cities cannot perform without strong support from central government. I think it’s good that the MoNRE has been providing good enabling environment for local governments to act. Therefore, we really hope that we can get endorsement from MoNRE for the overall implementation of GCoM Asia Project in Vietnam. As the GCoM Southeast Asia Secretariat, we have the role of doing coordination of all projects activities in 4 Southeast Asian countries. In Vietnam, we will certainly work much closer with ACVN.

As the UCLG ASPAC is the host of GCoM SEA Secretariat and of the ASEAN Mayors Forum Secretariat, we will try to put the synergy between GCoM and AMF. We will provide a chance for cities from 4 countries to interact each other, which can upscale this project’s results. Whatever actions we take, we have to make sure that it benefits the citizens, community, and society. Let’s have a solid collaboration among us!”

Dr. Bernadia Irawati Tjandredawi – Secretary-General of UCLG ASPAC and the GCoM SEA Secretariat.


Vietnamese cities/towns are where most of resources are used for city development, and also where high emissions of carbon and greenhouse gases are emitted. They are more and more affected by climate changes in their daily living conditions, local economic development and growth in recent years. ACVN member cities are highly interested to join the GCoM Asia network and project activities for learning new knowledge, practices of climate adaptation, for their local climate action plans, for sustainable urban environmental protection with high resilience, contributing to the national and local sustainable development priorities

Dr. Ngo Trung Hai – General Secretary of ACVN


Bilateral Meeting for GCoM Asia Project Implementation in Vietnam Meeting Participants, Photo: GCoM SEA Secretariat, 2021.

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