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GCoM Impact Report 2021: Further and Faster Together

GCoM as the world’s largest alliance for city climate leadership has now reached more than 11,000 signatories representing over 1 billion people.
Four out of every five GCoM signatories – totaling nearly 9,500 cities and local governments – have set a climate mitigation target in line with GCoM Common Reporting Framework (CRF) which ensures that the mitigation targets are at least as ambitious as their country’s NDC. A further 244 GCoM signatories are leading their way with net-zero targets.
According to GCoM Impact Report 2021, cumulatively GCoM signatories are on track to reduce global emissions by 76,5GtCO2e in 2050: more than double the global energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019, or equivalent to removing 16 billion cars of the road in one year. From the same current targets and actions, GCoM signatories could collectively reduce global emissions by 1,9 GtCO2e annually in 2030 or 3,8GtCO2e annually in 2050 compared to a business as usual (BAU) trajectory. This is equivalent to eliminating more than half of GHG emissions from the US in 2019.
The report can be accessed on this link or by scanning QR code below:

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