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Vietnam | Public Consultation on CAP Development in Vietnamese Pilot Cities

GCoM Vietnam under the GCoM Asia Project held a series of face-to-face public consultations in four pilot cities this year: Sapa Town (21 February), Nam Dinh City (22 February), Hue City (24 February), and Cao Lanh City (27 February). The objective of this public consultation is to receive feedback for the finalisation of Climate Action Plans (CAP) in the respective cities. Various stakeholders were involved in the preparation, such as the European Union Delegation (EUD), the Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN), and the Town/City People’s Committees of Sapa, Nam Dinh, Hue, and Cao Lanh.

Dr. Rui Ludovino (First Counsellor – Climate Action, Environment, Employment, and Social Policies, EUD to Vietnam) chaired the public consultation workshop, with the co-chairing roles of Dr. Ngo Trung Hai (General Secretary, ACVN), and Mrs. Asih Budiati (Team Leader, GCoM Asia Project).

Technical support was supported by Dr. Nguyen Sy Linh (Head of the Division of Climate Change Institute for Strategy and Policies of Natural Resources and Environment or ISPONRE) and his team to facilitate the discussions from the local stakeholders in the four cities for their inputs to for their draft CAPs.

In more detail, the Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHG) and Climate Risks and Vulnerabilities Assessment (CRVA) reports and the GHG emission mitigation and climate adaptation targets were shared and consulted with local stakeholders for validation. The discussions were focused on mitigation and adaptation priorities for future climate actions in each city:

  • Sapa Town: Development of electric cart-based green mobility and transportation for green tourism promotion; public outreach on climate change to ethnic and minority groups for mitigation and adaptation actions;
  • Nam Dinh City: Development and investment in urban flood mapping facilities; green energy transition for households in poor communities/wards (around the old garment factories)
  • Hue City: Prevention of river bank slides and seashore erosion; climate-smart agriculture/NbS for agriculture development in the context of climate change
  • Cao Lanh City: At source separation and waste treatment in the agriculture sector; Nature-Based Solutions application to mango smart cultivation and processing for green agriculture

The four city project teams and ISPONRE are considering the above inputs and priorities from stakeholders to validate their CAPs. The next step is expected to be the launch of four CAPs in the middle of 2023 after the Southeast Asia Regional Workshop in Bangkok on 30-31 March 2023.

Written by: Thao Nguyen
Reviewed by: Rona Ikram Putri

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