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PUTRAJAYA, Green City 2025

By: Wang Tze Wee, Putrajaya Corporation, Malaysia

Date: May 31, 2019

PUTRAJAYA, Green City 2025

Moving Putrajaya towards Green City requires improvement plans and road map that will guide the creation of green community, adoption of green technology and sustainable building practices that lead to the reduction of carbon footprint in the City.

Sustainable development practices have long been embedded in Putrajata in line with its Green City Theme (formerly, Garden City). Putrajaya has designated half of its area for parks, recreational areas and water bodies, created green linkages throughout the City. 

Putrajaya Green City 2025 is transforming the City through Green Initiatives in 7 focus areas: Integrating Nature into the Urban Fabric, Planning and Building, Transportation and Mobility, Energy Usage, Water Usage, Solid Waste Management, and City Administration and Management.



Key Climate Management Challenges –                
Policy and Governance related to the Activity/ Program POLICY 5 in Putrajaya’s Structure Plan on the transformation towards Putrajaya as “Green City” from the original concept of “City-in-a-Garden” the direction based Green Initiatives (as mentioned above)


Putrajaya has also been appointed as a Green Technology pioneer cities in Malayisa, in line with the National Government’s commitment and efforts to address global environmental issues, especially climate change.

Stakeholders in the Implementation •               University of Technology, Malaysia

•               New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) , Japan

•               Kyoto University, Japan

•               Okayama University, Japan

•               Community sector, and specific focus on children



•               Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy

Financing of the Activity / Program
Beneficiary and Number benefitted
Methodology, Tools and Mechanisms



1.            Baseline and Preliminary Studies on Putrajaya Green City 2025 to produce Targets and the associated recommendations

2.           City Planning and Building

3.           Integrating Nature into the Urban Fabric

·             Landuse Planning for Open Spaces

·             Gazetting Open Spaces

·             Putrajaya Greening Programme

·             Putrajaya Urban Farming Programme


4.           Transportation & Mobility

·             Extensive Networks of Pedestrian Walkways & Cycleways

·             Environmental Friendly Public Buses (NGV & EV)

·             Electric Vehicles for tourist (electric bicycle/ trishaw/ECOride).


5.           Energy Usage

·             Renewable Energy

·             Energy Efficiency

·             Energy Conservation


6.           Water Usage

•               Alternative Water Resources (Putrajaya Lake Water, rainwater,  treated waste water).

•               Water Quality Control (Wetland, GPT, STP)


7.           Solid Waste Management

•               Provision of 3R facilities

•               Innovation Reuse of Solid Waste

•               Separation at Source

•               Food & garden waste composting

•               Encouraging reuse / upcycling through: Creativity 3R


8.           City Administration & Management

·             Extensive Use of Online Services

·             Encouraging Low Carbon Lifestyle through Community Programme

·             Children-led climate change adaptive initiative (GreenROSE@Putrajaya)

o   The Reduce, Offset, Substitute & Enhance (GreenROSE) programme endeavours to achieve key results that will promote and disseminate knowledge and learning about climate change and its various impact at primary schools in Putrajaya city. It is essentially aimed at cultivating a high level of awareness among young children towards becoming responsible members of the Putrajaya community.

·             Environmental Awareness programme

·             Putrajaya inter-park ride, bicycle fun ride@Putrajaya,

·             Fun Walk with President PPj on Wednesday.

o   Putrajaya Corporation as the local authority is always playing an active role in encouraging healthy and low carbon lifestyles among Putrajaya residents. In 2012, PJC initiated a fun-walk-with-the-President programme, aimed at promoting Putrajaya as pedestrian friendly city

·             Awards  & Recognition

Technologies used by and Technological aspects of the Activity / Program 1.           Landuse Planning for Open Spaces

2.           Environmental Friendly Public Buses

3.           Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

4.           LED and T6 lights

5.           Green Buildings

Targets, Results and Achievements TARGET

•               To reduce GHG emissions by 60% from the 2025 Business as Usual (2025BaU) base level

•               To reduce day time peak temperature by 2 degrees Celsius

•               To reduce the final disposal of solid waste by 50%




1.           Landuse Planning for Open Spaces

·             Approximately 37% of the total area in Putrajaya is designated as open space.  This includes parks, lakes and wetlands.

2.           Putrajaya Greening Programme

·             689,690 trees planted to sequester 20,690tCO2/year*

3.           Extensive Network Of Pedestrian Walkways & Cycleways

·             300km of pedestrian walkways and cycle paths, and further efforts are being carried out to improve the safety features of these walkways and cycleways.

·             Pogrammes to promote the cycling culture among communities.

4.           Environmental Friendly Public Buses

·             A public bus fleet which is powered by natural gas, and is reducing GHG emissions by 20% to 30% compared to diesel (

·             A project to showcase the use of electric-powered public buses (2016 to 2021).

5.           The Use of Solar Photovoltaics

·             Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) systems have been applied in residential and office buildings. 24 government office complexes in Putrajaya were installed with solar PV systems, with capacity ranging between 12kWh to 48kWh.

6.           Improvement of Energy Efficiency

•               LED and T6 lights replace conventional light bulbs in office areas, car parks & corridors).

•               Incorporating green technology features into the new server farm,  such as, wall material with the ability to act as a heat insulator to maintain/sustain room temperature; and air condition systems without chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) emissions.

7.           Alternative Water Resources

•               400-hectare man-made Putrajaya Lake is one of the alternative sources of water for various purposes, and acts as a city-scale rainwater harvesting system for Putrajaya.  The lake water is used for irrigation of landscape areas, construction site wash through points, dust control on roads, cleaning of drains etc.

8.           Solid Waste Management

•               Provision of 3R facilities: Various facilities and services are provided by PJC to increase the recycling rate in Putrajaya. We also organise competitions annually as to promote awareness among residents.

•               Putrajaya Green City 2025 Award (PGC2025): 3R Creativity. PGC2025 Award: 3R Creativity was introduced in 2015 to promote a recycling culture among people and communities in Putrajaya.  This award has been conferred to many different levels such as primary and secondary schools, higher learning insititutions, professional architects and planners.

Key Factors Contributing to Success •               Co-operations with academic/research institutions in studies to establish targets and the associated recommendations have provided clear guidelines in policy making, and direction in implementation.

•               Strong City’s policy to pursue the “Green City” Theme, which leads to the focus on 7 Green Areas at the implementation stage.

•               National Government’s appointment of Putrajaya as one of Green Technology pioneer cities in Malayisa has triggered significant green technologies implementation in the City


Sustainability Issues and Challenges in the Activity/ Program
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