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IUC Asia HelpDesk/GCoM SEA Secretariat Helps Depok City Improve Capacity in Developing GHG Inventory

IUC Asia HelpDesk/GCoM Southeast Asia Secretariat Technical Coordinator, Dini Laraswati, organised a meeting with Depok City Environmental Agency on 5 February 2020. The meeting aimed to discuss the validity and quality of GHG inventory report 2018 that had been completed by Depok. The session was led by CCROM – IUC Asia’s technical partner – and attended by  the Environmental Agency’s staff and the third party assisting GHG collection in Depok.

Depok Environmental Agency staff learned crucial inputs on how to improve its 2018 GHG inventory report including the usage of the right formula, how to apply the right emission factor and how to make the right conversion. They also received an input that the trend analysis should focus on data analysis such as population or energy demand to respond to changes when a new policy is applied.

The participants also discussed the way to determine target of GHG emission reduction including base year goal, fixed level goal, intensity goal, baseline scenario goal.  The participants were eager to get more information the best approach for Depok to determine target of GHG emission reduction.

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